What Does xPremiums Do?
xPremiums is the #1 platform for fans to connect with their influencer. We are a subscription base tool for fans to connect privately to whoever they wish.
Is xPremiums Easy to Work?
Once you subscribe to one or more models by clicking “subscriber here,” you will receive the private usernames. At the same time, the models will receive your username and add you back ASAP. From there you will have a private connection.
What is a premium?
A premium is an account where the account holder posts intimate content for a private audience.
How often is the posting on a premium account?
Each premium post varies based on the account holder. On average there are daily posts to the account.
How long does it take to be added back?
Each premium adds back based on their schedule but all within 24 hours. If you're not added back within 48 hours a refund will be automatically sent.
Its been 48hrs and I haven't been added. What do I do?
We're very sorry that this has happened and we will directly reach the premium account ASAP and refund you your money right away.